Board Crazy - Decorating with Surf Boards

Nothing say's beach house more than a surf board  somewhere in the room,
even old banged up ones can get a new lease of life as you will see in these images-
hang a retro long board on a wall, some long boards can be so beautiful,
like works of art in their own right image via here

or prop one up in a corner image 1,2

old boards used as a fence in Haiku on Maui, probably the coolest fence in the world!
 along with the coolest gate image 1,2

old boards turned into message boards image 1,2


  1. LOVE all of these images! I have an old board In the boys room that I keep threatening to steal for the living room!

  2. I love the look of surf boards on display [particularly lov the first pic]. But my hubby is totally against a board being displayed in the house. Being a surfer he thinks it is going a bit too far, well he says something else that I cannot repeat. KP

  3. I love the surfboard painted with chalkboard paint! Great blog you have - I love it!!


  4. Hi Sarah! I'm new here but am loving your blog :) I'm OBSESSED with surfboards used as decor, they add such a perfect vibe to any beach house!

    Liz @ Shorely Chic


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