Casa Surf Project

Is a fun and innovative project by Riviera Magazine, put together by designers
 and surf icon brands like Billabong, Rip Curl, etnies, Roxy, Quicksilver, L*Space,
Lost International along with Glaceau to create these amazing suites in the historic 
beach hotel La Casa del Camino, Laguna Beach. 


Designer Rona Graf of Grace Blu Designs worked with Billabong to create this earthy chilled out suite, using mixed natural finishes such as stone, reclaimed wood, glass, concrete and textured soft furnishings. 

Custom made features set the room off, like the three dimensional wall art above the bed, hand painted surfboard and a reclaimed tree coffee table from Indonesia.

This suites design has a very inviting and lux feel, with it's simple colour scheme of cream, chocolate and grey enhance the mixed timbers used heavily in this room. 

Designer Angela O'Donnell captures the  essence of rustic seaside hotels of another era, using reclaimed wood, faux brown leather for the headboard with French  bronze tacking forming the Quicksilver logos above each pillow and custom made lantern pendant lighting.
Contrasting  in a black and white Moroccan theme, the Lost suite has a clever mix of classy
and cool. Designer Christine Hallen-Berg's colour scheme came from the pillows she made from the lost board shorts, with the green appearing in pops through out the room and ensuite. Again, custom built-in cabinetry and features gives this suite a unique touch.  

Design team from PD&A, Karen A. Struck and Michael J. Russell, have a distinct ocean theme
for the Glaceau suite. Using lots of luminescent and reflective elements, and beach side colours and textures, giving the suite a soothing underwater vibe."Guests should feel like they are truly beach side when they walk into the room, and enjoy the beauty of Southern California" explains Struck.

With it's surf shop giant mural on the wall and the mix of greys and blues, the Rip Curl room
has a young and fresh feel. Debbie Nassetta of Roomscapes based the colour schemes off Rip Curl board-short fabric that were used as shower curtains and cushions on the bed.

Some of the unique features in the room are the signed surfboard by pro surfer Alex Smith that hangs in the bathroom, white rippled headboard that glows at night with blue LED lights and Rip Curl lifestyle photos presented in colourful cubes throughout the room.

Designed with 'surf culture' flavour by designers Michael Soriano and Lindsay Orne. 
Filled with playful and quirky design features such as beach ball, fondue set, seaweed installation above the faux grass floor complete with vintage folding chairs!

Careful planning by cleverly positioning mirrors to create vistas and visions of the outside 
ocean view, enhance this chilled out boudoir.

You can stay in one of these one off designed rooms for a reasonable $250 .98 plus some of the profit is donated to key charities in the first year. 


  1. Some of the art is really awesome..., and I'm loving the mural too!

  2. these rooms, love collaborative projects!


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