Ooops he did it again

I'm having a heap of fun (not) trying to work out my new MacBook. I hate having
to relearn and  re-customise a computer. I was happy with my last one but...... 
 my 3 year old Son knocked a cup of water onto my laptop last Saturday, bringing
his tally of mass destruction to: 5 DVD players (including portable),  mobile 
phones, 1 speaker and now my laptop! I'm actually amazed it lasted this long 
really, there were a few keys missing, he ripped them off a year ago. Well, I've had 
enough for the day, I'm going to mosey up to the Yacht club bar and order something
that looks like this Pink grapefruit margarita via there goes the cupcake    

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  1. When I think about the joy of having babies in the future I don't think of those things. Oh the patients required! I'm sure it worth it in the end especially if you can have a drink to keep you going. Happy Australia Day!!


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