5 Blogs that rocked my world in 2011

3. ::Lime in the Coconut::

Who's Blog: Linda@lime in the coconut
Location: Florida, United Sates
What to expect: Linda's life and amazing home & garden in the sub-tropics. Lime in the Coconut is full of tropical inspiration, and she keeps me in awe with her clever design and decorating ideas, not to mention the amazing thrifted discoveries that she gets for a song!  


  1. Wowza Yowza! I am verklempt! What an honor to be in your top 5! And dayum girl....you did a wonderful job on the collage!! Even I wanna go read my blog! ;)

  2. Haha, yes well you have soooo many beautiful images on your blog, it was hard choosing for the collage....I'm glad you liked!
    Sar x

  3. I love Linda she is such a hoot and has an incredible eye. She was one of my first blogs to follow. GREAT CHOICE!

  4. Love Linda's blog and it's definitely one of my "daily reads". The collage is amazing!!

  5. Yes, I'm always one of the last to comment on Linda's blog but I do manage to get to read all the posts!

    Ta ladies -Sar x


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