5 Blogs that rocked my world in 2011

1. Oceania Island Living
Who's blog:  Zoe
Location: Oceania
Occupation: Coastal Interior Designer and Stylist 
What to expect: Tropical and Coastal style trend updates, and gorgeous things for home and lifestyle. OceaniaIslandLiving.blogspot.com


  1. Just got back from holidays so I am catching up on all my favourite blogs... Happy New Year Sarah & all the best for 2012

  2. Hi Lovely and Happy New Year to you.

    I'm just catching up with blogland news and was thrilled at your inclusion of Oceania in your top 5 blogs of 2011. Thank you so much, it helps make it all worth while when appreciated. I love Oceania and I hope that radiates through to everyone to enjoy.

    It's also really awesome to have a tropical loving gal like you supporting and enjoying the blogging journey with us all & your cool Squeezed Daily blog - it always makes me smile.

    Here's to 2012 when tropical coastal island living blossoms large for both of us and let the world catch on to all the gorgeousness that it brings.

    Zoe x


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