1950's fibro shack

If you you haven't noticed already, I have a soft spot for Australian 1950's
beach shacks, especially revamped ones that are filled with casual quirk.
 I remember Summer holidays at the sleepy beach town Ulladulla
and the chilled out beach house that backed onto a lagoon and the beach,
those were the best memories growing up.....where did you go for holidays?
I love the fresh use of turquoise and white on the exterior of this shack.
Images scanned from Real Living Magazine  


  1. Love a quirky and stylish beach shack! Something about their lack of pretension that just makes them so relaxing, I think...

  2. i love beach shacks too!! this is a cute one.

  3. Hi Viginia, yep nothing is too precious in a beach shack.

  4. hi sarah would it be ok if i use your photos of this beach shack for a post? i'd link back to your blog and real living.
    cheryl x


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