Seaside Rustic Charm

The Latest 'Inside Out' magazine features the home of designers Louella
and Mark Tuckey, Located on Sydney's Northern Beaches.  I'd seen this 
relaxed 1920's holiday cottage before in a magazine a while ago, and fell 
in love with it's nautical inspired design and rustic seaside allure. 

The two designers moved from Melbourne to North Sydney and after 
searching for the ideal home without much luck, then all on the same 
day, they brought a boat, house and rented a shop.....huge shopping day!     

I love the bespoke bunting made from a mix of light timbers available
through Mark Tuckey Home  

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  1. I LOVE this house....killer location, great art, fab furniture - but all put together in a relaxed and 'real' way - perfect! K xx


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