Juicy Giveaway!

I'm very excited, this is my first ever giveaway I have done on the Squeezed Daily!

Now we have sold our house, I have to find a good home for the recently purchased
baby feather Juju hat from the one and only Table Tonic. As allot of you may know-
we live on a boat and I can't take this little baby with me.......unfortunately. 

All you have to do for your chance to win this stunning wall feature: just 'follow' 
this blog and leave a comment, like, where you would hang it if you won it....something like that. 

I will announce the winner in 1 week - Tuesday 18th Oct 2011 - Good Luck!


  1. I would hang it in our open plan living/dinning room as it strikes me as a real talking point I love it.

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

  2. I have a massive wall screaming for a Juju hat or anything really. I'd do a gallery wall with it in our dining room. xx

  3. Congrats on selling the house - that's always a great relief and a perfect occasion for opening a bottle of French champagne! I love the Juju hat but sadly have no where to hang it, which means another happy blogger gets a chance to win it!
    Melissah from CoastalStyle

  4. Congratulations that you have sold your wonderfully imaginative house! Terrific news, especially in this current housing market when things are all over the place. Well done, and your hard work all paid off.

    Can't believe you would give away this gorgeous thing? You sure it wouldn't fit in the boat? So sad to part with it! On the other hand, I reckon a lot of people would LOVE to win it. Including me! I would put it on a wall painted dark grey, so that the raspberry pink and white would really contrast beautifully.

  5. Great blog! Thanks@BrisMod for pointing me in the right direction. I work from home (film locations and precinkt.com) and my office looks out over the home but I have a space just over the stairs that I look at and this Juju hat would sit perfectly there and be a real statement piece!

  6. Hi Sarah. Anita pointed me in your direction. I tried to make a baby juju once...it hangs above my bed but is a pale imitation of your beauty. So that's where it would go if I got lucky, in my black, white and pink bedroom on my black feature wall :)

  7. Congrats on selling the house!!!! Erin x

  8. Oh and I'd hang the juju above my blue funky louis x

  9. Oh my gosh what a fantastic giveaway! Found you via table tonic and following in google reader :)

    I would put it in my office - looking at the wall at the moment and it looks very bare and sorry for itself! It's grey like the picture too and the contrast is gorgeous.

    Congratulations on selling your house!

  10. Hi Sarah, Great news, the house sold, congratulations. Great giveaway too. I think I would hang the Juju hat above an entrance table, which I am yet to buy. Living on a boat must be fun. KP

  11. gorgeous! just found your blog thru a table tonic tweet, now following! Would love to hang the juju hat above my bed. I have grey walls and think the colours would really work.

  12. Congrats on selling your lovely home - well done, I know the property markets tough at present in QLD.

    Baby Juju would be the perfect companion to my little pink obsessed daughter, who would adore and take good care of this beautiful item by displaying it in her bedroom - a shrine to all that is hot pink & pretty.

    Good luck to all on the juju I'm sure it'll find a loving home.

    Zoe x

  13. Hi Sarah

    I'm expecting a baby girl in about 12 weeks time and "Baby Juju" would be the perfect whimsical touch to add to Violet Eve's room. As i'm writing this she's just gave me a little kick- so I think she must agree! :)

    Thanks for the opportunity and all the best with your new home.

    Jodie xx

  14. Hi Sarah,

    The Baby Juju would be best suited to my home as a consolation prize. I fell in love with your house and everything you had filled it with a little less than a month ago. It was the first place my husband and I had truly pictured ourselves living in since we found our current Queenslander; our home for over 12 years.

    Unfortunately we were outbid at the last minute and it's safe to say I was devastated.

    When viewing your house (for a 2nd time) with my daughter, the Juju was the one piece she begged me to try and buy. It would be such a treat to have even a small part of the beautiful house you created and that we loved.

  15. Hi,
    my turn to try!
    I would put it in our main salon, just between 2 windows. It is perfect for us and Merlin : it is red and white and has African origin.
    However, Greg says you should keep it as it is light and will brighten up your boat and memories of your land home!


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