In study of....

I've got a soft spot for any botanical, animal or insect studies and  I also adore the 
work by Allyson Reynolds (below). It's so colourful and fun. Vintage art looks amazing
when grouped together as seen in these images here, posted by Driftwood Interiors.
Moth painting by Allyson Reynolds image

"Pitit Papillon" Affordable art by Kerri Shipp Driftwood Interiors

Butterfly study source

Beetle study source unknown

"Happy bug day" Andy Warhol source


  1. Thanks for featuring my painting Sarah! Love the others too...K xx

  2. Love all these Sarah - I actually spent the first couple of years of my life on a Butterfly Farm! Pity I can't remember it!

  3. They're really beautiful and I really love the first one! Have a great weekend, Erin x


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