I wish we had a longer break, I was almost relaxed when we had to come
back home. The Rumba Resort at Caloundra was nice, I think we should stay
again when it's spring or Summer, so we can go swimming.
very cool lap pool, was heated but still too cold for me.
The circles on the bottom of the pool are glass port holes to the
restaurant below, Hogs breath Cafe....mmmm ribs.
Ginger bread 'over board' ride at the Buderim Ginger bread factory,
Beach play, and of course, ice cream. Oh yes, I finally got my camera,
it's great to have a reasonable camera, thank you eBay.

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  1. Great the camera arrived. beautiful children you have Sarah! My camera is packing it in so may be getting one sooner than I think which is exciting!


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