...I'm free!

Oh how awful, it's the second weekend in a row that we're 
getting away. One excuse reason is we need to be out for the open 
house, and the other is we don't have to spend our weekends working
on the house anymore (fist pump). So I'm hoping the weather we had
today continues into the weekend as we're planning to go out on the boat. 
Have a glorious weekend.


  1. Wow that sounds impossible, as I look out of my window to see reams of fog rolling in off the bay. A boat? Wouldn't even be able to spot one on the Port Philip Bay this morning with a searchlight! But I hope your weather is MUCH warmer than ours, as I am sure it is right now, and that you enjoy your lovely sounding weekend. Excuse me while I get a barrowload of wood to start a log fire....

  2. I have to say, a fire place would be nice. Sounds very very cold down there.
    It's chilli at night on the boat but we all snuggle in the front v berth.


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