...the good the bad & the Ugly

The Good
My Boy turned three on Saturday, the
cake was made out of chocolate balls,
his favourite when we have our cafe dates.

The Bad
our poor little Tweedie bird flew away
from home. Sniff, sniff I'm more upset
than the kids, they seem to be over him.

The Ugly
house still looks like a bomb has hit it,
painter is here touching up the marked
walls, house is getting photographed this

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  1. Happy Birthday little man! I'm experimenting with going sugar free for a while so having difficulty looking at that amazing cake! Yum. Poor Tweedie. I remember you got that gorgeous cage. I have seen birdless cages painted white and filled with scarfs - or maybe as a light fitting? Sorry - you are all sniff sniff and I am already redecorating the cage for you lol! Photo shoot sounds exciting - do tell!!


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