Yesterday my Girl and I made a trip out to the Rocklea flower market.
I was hoping they would have heliconia flowers and other tropical
lovelies to fill our house with. The market wasn't as big as I expected,
but had enough to turn me into a deer looking into headlights ( I get a
bit overwhelmed when surrounded by beutiful things).

It's was worth the drive, because they are wholesale, I left with 
three big bunches of stunning super fresh flowers for the price of
one bunch. Photographers are coming tomorrow, and fresh flowers
always make a house look amazing. First open house next weekend-

Not a very good pic sorry, taken with my iPhone as my new Canon
hasn't arrived yet.....starting to wonder. Snapdragons with glossy
green leaves (can't remember the name).
Heliconia crab claw, Flax leaves (two colours), ginger leaves, some
red sticks from a tree (I thought they were painted but they're not)
and pretty yellow Orchids.

I got some new cushions too, to freshen up the sitting room. I love
the coral with the green, what do you think? I'm trying to achieve a
pacific Island resort vibe, I just hope all the colour going on in the
house doesn't scare off potential buyers. At least you can't go wrong
with colourful flowers! 


  1. Gorgeous flowers - I'll keep the rocklea flower markets in mind. And yep, there is definitely a resort/tropical vibe from these photos. xx

  2. oh it is looking so inviting and colourful - surely that will appeal to buyers.

    Good luck with all the prepping and cleaning! So much work goes into the process but I have fingers crossed for the perfect (rich) buyer for you!

  3. Thank's ladies, I needed that little boost, I'm exhausted from yesterday, so much cleaning and de-cluttering! I can't believe we have so much "stuff".

  4. I'm sure potential buyers will love the color! It looks like a vacation home, fun and tropical! Good luck with all the preparation, xoxo

  5. I love the look... it makes me want to head over and drink some mojitos! Erin x

  6. Place looks great Sarah! Gorgeous flowers! Where did you order camera from? Is it a better deal to order online? My is on the fritz and am thinking about replacing sooner than I thought. Can you remind me what model you chose and lens (are you getting body and lens separately?) Sorry for 20 questions! x

  7. Whats not to love about fresh flowers! Too divine for words, thanks for stopping by my blog, so nice to discover you xx


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