...... Wallpaper DIY

We decided to have a go at wallpapering the TV wall in
our lounge room. With a little research it seemed easier
than we were lead to believe, but selecting a pattern
and colour was a different story. I've been looking for
about two years (yes two!) for the right wallpaper, I
 narrowed it down to three Florence Broadhurst designs
But I didn't end up committing to one (busy with other
peoples homes). The house is going on the market in
about three weeks, so I had to be decisive. I'm happy
with the one I chose, it's not bright like I was originally
after but I think it will appeal to a broader market.
What you need
Un-pasted wallpaper,
wallpaper adhesive (Metylan Special),
tape measure, a plumb line tool,
stanley knife, pencil, large paint brush,
timber roller.
Clean the wall from dust, and cobwebs.

Mix up glue as per instructions on the packaging.
It's best to work away from the natural source of
light and finish in a discreet area like behind a door.
measure and mark the width of the wallpaper on
the wall and set up the plumb line by driving a small 
nail at the top of the wall to hang the plumb line from.
Mark the wall just heavy enough for you to see. 
Measure the wall from the ceiling to the floor
then add on 10cm to allow for trimming.
roll out a roll and measure and cut.
Roll out a second and match the pattern
 then cut that also, (remember to add the
10cm for trimming).
Paint the glue onto the wall for the width and
height of the piece of wallpaper.
It doesn't dry super quick so don't rush.
Hang the paper with the help of a second person,
make sure to get it perfectly lined up into the top
corner and in line with the plumb line then start
smoothing from the top working your way down.
Don't rush, make sure all air bubbles are smoothed
out by downward movements with your hands.
Trim with stanley Knife when you have reached the
bottom and have smoothed out air bubbles
Glue wall for the second paper. Hang the next
piece taking extra care to match up the pattern.
Repeat this process till it's all done. And if you
want to change the look in future, the 'paste the
wall' papers are easy to peel off - simply lift a
corner at the base and peel upwards.

For our first ever go at wallpapering,
 I think it turned out a treat! 

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  1. I can relate to spending a lot of time picking something out. I really like your choice - it's very subdued. That ceiling is amazing. It's so high! Sarah - is this the house with the amazing staircase with wine bottle skylights? Are you selling your lovely home?!


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