......shopping for the home

I need help! I'm going to admit it, when it comes to selecting
finishes and soft furnishings for my own home I struggle a bit,
I'm fine when choosing for others but for me...different story.
So I'm asking (begging) for some help with selecting one of
these awesome Feather Juju Hats from Table Tonic

...So the question is- Pink or White?

Thanks, I hope to order one hopefully before they are out of stock!-
 Sarah Oh, I forgot to mention I have a painting of Pink Oriental
Lillie's opposite this wall, and I will match cushions the one chosen.


  1. Hey if you can pull off the hot pink it will be super striking! Though I do think you would need some charcoal/dark greys for some contrast.

  2. Go pink... or even bright yellow would look amazing! Erin x

  3. PINK!!!
    Anyway nice problem to have!

  4. Thanks guys, I was about to go ahead and order the pink, then I saw
    The combination of pink and white, perfect!
    >hi Sarah, yes it is one of my nice problems, the other not so nice problems
    I have no one will want to hear about- lol !

  5. lol yep I have those problems too. I try to keep my blog about the nice and pretty problems too ha


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