.........Handmade Treasures

last weekend's trip to Stradbroke Island lead me to discover
this great little shop 'DRIFT' perched atop of Point Lookout.
When Hubby and the kids kept walking to the gelati bar, I snuck
in for a quick look. The outside was enticing, but the inside was
one of those shops where everything is so amazing that I turn
into a deer looking into the headlights. It was a bit overwhelming
for me so I need to go back and have more time to have a good
look. The owner Jennie Truman was kind enough to let me take
a few hasty snaps with my iphone. Thanks Jennie, I love your shop.

                  DRIFT Mintee Street, Point Lookout North Stradbroke Island P:34098523


  1. What a beautiful shop! Those paintings are gorgeous! Enjoy the lovely day, Kellie xx

  2. Hi Sarah,

    thanks for letting me know you changed the blog name.

    This looks like one of those wonderful shops that I always spend far too much time in! The macrame looking hanging thing on the porch outside is fabulous.

  3. If I had my wallet with me some damage would have been done!
    I'm going back to buy some thing for our boat (when we get it)


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