.........Island Wedding

After Friday's whining and feeling sorry for myself about
being cold and unmotivated, I was unexpectedly rejuvenated
over on Stradbroke Island, about 2hrs slow boat ride across
Morton Bay. It wasn't a surprise or anything, we were going to
a wedding held at the Little Ships club on the Island.
but I didn't expect the weekend to be so relaxing and fun.
The weather was perfect and warm, the wedding was
fun for all of us (they hired a big jumping castle for the kids)
and a huge lolly buffet for dessert. Oh yes caught up with
old friends too!

Didn't go surfing but enjoyed watching.

It was so quite at the beach it was quite
strange, glorious day, perfect beach almost
deserted. Stradbroke is a secret hideaway
in Autumn.

My orange Cons were the perfect rock hopping

The girl eating an apple atop of a dune.

                                              I think we need to do this more often.

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  1. Wow that sounds lovely. A beach wedding! What did you wear?!


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