....if only..

I'm getting jealous of other bloggers holiday trips away to warm and
beautiful destinations, so I'm sitting here on my beanbag watching
spongbob squarepants for the 10th time today and immersing myself
in these images......pretending......dreaming. Above: Laucala Island
owned by Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz. I think I will have to
keep dreaming....to stay here not only do you need to be able to pay
$30,000 a night but you need to be rather famous like Oprah, Johnny
Depp or Sir Richard Branson just to name the few 'A' Lister's that have
stayed here. Images from Belle Australia.

I would need to pack my bag with casual resort wear..

 Yep I'm totally there.....in my dreams.
Have a great weekend all, Sarah


  1. I'm struggling with the mind picture of you sitting in a beanbag watching spongebob, when I always think of you as glamorous!!!!

    Well yes these holidays look lovely, but I for one adore winter and all the cosy things that go with it - long walks in the country through frosty grass, gathering seashells on the beach after storms, good red wine and lots of dinner parties. So while summer is gorgeous, I am reveling in this snuggly weather.

  2. So very pretty!! I woulnd't mind a little Fiji myself:):)

  3. Lovely picks sarah. That house on the cliff is incredible!


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