.....The good, Bad & the Ugly

The good
Love the hand made cuffs from Doloris Petunia
Resort collection 2011
The Bad
The sugar my kids are consuming lately
The Ugly
Dust that covers every square inch of our house
from the work being done downstairs.
(I give up!) 


  1. A gorgeous post - reflects real life, doesn't it? The cuffs are insanely colourful and wonderful.

  2. I dunno....that Bad is so cute it negates all the others!

  3. Love the painting in the ugly, the bad reminds me of that poem about the girl who had a curl in the middle of her forehead & when she was good she was very good & when she was bad she was very bad.

    As your son looks like he has a curl in the middle of his in that picture

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

  4. I was thinking of that poem too!! In this case, the Bad is Good! He's very cute Sarah - lucky you!

  5. That cuff is gorgeous! What a great post title!
    Great blog!:)


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