Our House Progress

Well, heaps have been done downstairs, it's been cleaned
out, wired, Mr S did the last bits of carpentry, Gyprock guys have 
come and gone, sanders been and left  a thick layer  of white dust 
on all the furniture. And we've had a few hot dates to the dump. 

Our boy determined to get in all my photos.

          Our stairs under construction, designed by me and 
                  some how engineered & constructed 
           (with great thought and imagination) by Mr S.
 Photo taken looking up from the stairs on the lower level.

Lower floor stair wall  ( bottom of 3 levels).
  (Sorry about the bad photo) I've been collecting wine bottles 
  (friends and family were happy to empty them to give to me). 
  The concrete post in the middle was originally going to be cut 
  out to match the curved rail. We decided to go not cut it out 
  and instead drill holes into the column and insert the bottles in,
  to create an interesting stair light feature.
Mr S working on the drop down ceiling.
A carbon copy of his farther, always wanting to help his dad 

out.It's getting there.....just having the area cleared and the 

rubbish taken away makes a massive difference. Tomorrow 
I will select tiles and design the cabinetry, the fun stuff.


  1. I love your staircase. And re wine bottle feature, so unique!

    Can't wait to see the tiles you pick :)


  2. I love that staircase too. It's very impressive and what a simple yet effective (and clever!) wine bottle feature. Please post a photo of when they are lit from within. Your whole house looks amazing!


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