Sunday Tea Party

The girls waiting patiently for me to put down the
camera and paint their faces.
No sheet, or rug in our house escaped being covered in cake
or fairy bread when we converted our garage into the Mad Hatters
Tea Party for my Daughters birthday on Sunday.
 One white sheet was completely rendered un -reusable, as I painted,
sliced and pinned it to the Indian gates. The girls loved going through
the hole and through the smaller door in our gates, it was like going
into wonderland as my Daughter decorated the courtyard garden with
fake flowers and lanterns.

Cheshire cat made out of coloured chocolate
by the clever patisserie chefs at Purely Passion8
(They also baked the awesome cream and strawberry sponge cake)

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  1. Hi Rachel, I bet the party was a huge success, and you're so wise focusing on the fun side and not the baking. I've learnt to accept help in that department too! It can be so stressful getting the cake right for a particular young audience!
    Nice to discover your blog.


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