Favourite things at home

I love my sitting area, and lucky me the kids don't seem to mess this area up to much. My favourite bits of this area? The amazing pendant lights from Lavish Living (no longer open) they look even more amazing at night. The palm leaf cushion, caved bird of paradise from Ubud Bali and the stone wall From urban stone.

My Brilliant coffee table, the top slides both ways, perfect for storing DVDs the piles of magazines and stray toys. looks good and practical.

I really need to invest in a decent camera, the little Fuji camera just doesn't cut the mustard. This picture of "Oriental Lillie's" by Simon Barlow doesn't do the painting justice. When I purchase a new camera I'll post a better photo of it, it's really gorgeous. See the vintage fan? I had quite a few old fans but had to cull some of them, this one is my favourite.


  1. What a great room! I love those lights!


  2. What a dramatic and impressive room - love those lights!


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