Fashion shoot at home

My friend Irene Pollack the founder of Wind and Water, is using my house as I write this, for a fashion shoot for the new catalogue. It's great, I've got to check out her new designs (Tweaked vintage designs) I think  I will have to put in a few orders for myself!

My Camera work and photo quality is pretty ordinary, I will post up
the photographers photos when I get them.,

I like this shot (taken by me explains the poor quality)
Need to photoshop the workman muddy boot footprints!
Just took this photo so I wouldn't forget that I want to buy,
It's now mine -(cue evil Laugh) Irene gave it to me!
What a great friend!
I think this Vintage Tunic is pretty cool,
it looks like a kids dress in this photo,
but teamed up with a chunky brown
leather belt and bright thongs, it's a fun
dress for the weekend!
It's great to be able to support our fellow mumpreneurs, when you give out some support you really do get it back (really! I got this awesome jacket). Send some love to my friend by liking her facebook page and the good Carma will come back to you! 
Have a wonderful weekend! 
Wind and Water website:

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